What’s On the Docket?

Initially, the number of tasks and amount of work that needed to be done at the farm overwhelmed most of Evergreen Bend Farm's guests.  It was not uncommon to hear, "Burn the whole thing down -- start over!" or  "I wouldn't waste my time on this." Check out what our neighbor, who rents our pasture, had... Continue Reading →

Doors and Paths

Openings and closings, the beginning and the end.  Doors are opportunities and unfortunately they mark finality.  Each door or gate is an entrance, and it is also a barrier.  When you see a door,  you anticipate a passage.  Your mind prepares to go through a portal, moving  from one area to another you look around... Continue Reading →

Raiders of the Lost Ark

One rainy day, we broke the lock on the attic door.  We knew that the renters hadn't had access to the attic, but beyond that we weren't sure when the last time the door had been opened.  In my opinion the attic held the most promise of treasure. ( video inserted here) https://youtu.be/QjSUlcMnAJU Did you... Continue Reading →

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