Time Out

Lately we have worked so hard at the farm that a day ran into a week and a week led to a month.  The autumn temperatures have helped in our productivity and I have fallen very far behind in keeping you updated on the progress.  A time out is much needed to share with you what has been happening at Evergreen Bend Farm.


One task that we are becoming more proficient in is building fences!  Early on, we were forced to build fences for cow management.  Currently, we are building a new fence to tear down this old one and expand “a backyard.”


Won’t this area look so much better without this fence!  I can’t wait till it comes down and we burn the shed behind the house.

We have spent the last nine months cleaning the garbage out of this area.


It wasn’t easy, but…


Today it looks like this,  and all those piles look like this. . .


 Now, we can sit back, relax and watch the grass grow!

We’ve also had a bit of painting done this past month.





Even this indoor room of the farm house is receiving a fresh coat of paint.  The goal is a cozy room where we can escape the cold, hang out to play board games and maybe even take a nap.




In Progress

With all the progress, the most adventurous project is the raising of this carport/garage shed.


Today it appears to be “floating” over the ground.  It is braced by the wooden planks and held up by the stacks of wood at the four corners.


Without compromising the integrity of the building, we will have a cement footer and floor poured.  Our goal is a workshop/shed for tools and equipment.


Using simple tools and basic physics, Mark Hawthorne has taught our boys and my husband Chris, to raise a building such as this.  It is utterly amazing.



It appears rickety and scary, but it is the exact “small scale” method that will be used to raise up this bank barn!  Can you even imagine this huge barn going up?

Hopefully, this time-out has helped you experience a piece of the joy we feel as we see all the changes around Evergreen Bend Farm.  Friends, I greatly appreciate your encouragement as you share in this  big adventure with us.


♥ Meghan 

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  1. WOW! The progress since we were there in September — AMAZING!!!! And the ‘Campground’ has no semblance of what it looked like just less than two months ago! What an incredible journey ya’ll are on! Praise God — PRAISE GOD!!! Keep up the good work — and enjoy those board games and naps!


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