All Work & No Play

is bad for the soul!  At Evergreen Bend Farm, we have been working very hard, but we’ve been playing even harder.  I didn’t want you to think that all we do is work, work, work.

We also play.

We discovered that loading the dump truck with metal piles and bed springs creates quite a springy trampoline!  This upside down boy dropped his multipurpose tool Leatherman in the process of his trick.  Fortunately, his younger brother, who has sharp eyes, found it at the bottom of the truck before it was taken to the metal dump.  IMG_2462

In between the cleaning projects and loading jobs, we have had plenty of opportunities to share the farm with friends and family.


We have had a few picnics


and taken a lot of hayrides.  Can you see, the “ol’timers” version of a hayride?


We have snuggled with our kittens,

played dress up,  played house,  and…


on this fire pit, we have cooked more hotdogs than a New York hotdog stand.


We patiently watered and planted a few crops (yes, this is his idea of fun!)


and stood near by while they grew way over our heads.


We have climbed and even ridden to new heights!

I would venture to say that climbing has been a constant activity,


whether it is climbing to the top of the silo,


 climbing into the rabbit hutch,


or climbing across the cables that are uprighting the bank barn, everyone is climbing.

Evergreen Bend Farm has quickly become our own playground.


We have played baseball,


dug in the sandbox,


and taken a turn on the homemade see-saw.


When the weather turned warm, or down right hot, the boys even created a “red-neck” swimming pool.

Sometimes we just hang out. . .

Enjoying each other’s company and sharing our dreams.

Every day, we ride.

  four-wheelers, dirt bikes,

tractors,  lawnmowers,


and whatever we find that has wheels.

And because it is never fun to play alone, we love giving friends an opportunity to ride.


At the end of the day, when the sun sets in the distance and the cows begin to graze in the pastures,  sometimes,  we hang in our hammocks and sleep in the barn.

Evergreen Bend Farm isn’t always about hard work for these boys, it is about playing hard.






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  1. I think this is my favorite post yet!! I am SO glad that you are blogging about this wonderful adventure you guys have embarked on with your new old farm. I love all of the photos, so much JOY in every single one! What a fabulous playground & so much learning, too. Wow, I think everyone needs some time at the farm! Keep working & playing & photographing & writing!! 👍🏻👍🏻


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