The Top Ten. . . .

Over and over again I’ve heard the same questions.  Since many of you don’t have the opportunity to ask these questions, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions that people ask about Evergreen Bend Farm.

10.  Do you own those cows?  No, a local farmer leases the pasture land for beef cattle. We’ve enjoyed watching them graze and play.


9.  Is the house livable?  Well, this depends on what your definition of livable is.  There is a toilet that works and water that runs.  The kitchen is equipped with a stove, sink and refrigerator.  Until a month ago, three tenants were living in the house.  However, it needs a lot of work before it is comfortable.

farm house

8.  How far away is the property from your current home?  Both couples live 7.5 miles away from the farm.  This makes it easy to go back and forth during the day.

7.  What do you want to “DO” with this land?  Currently, we are using the property to build a small tree farm and store equipment.  We are preparing each salvageable building so that in the future we can enjoy time on the farm with family and friends.     After one to two years, we would like to use the farm as a  place where people can hold events.  We have already enjoyed the farm so much and look foward to the time when it is ready to fully share with others.


6.  Will you raise chickens, goats or any other farm animals?  The door is wide open for many different options; however, there are no immediate plans to take care of animals on this farm!

5.  Can you restore or renovate the the barns?  YES!  Barn restoration is rare, difficult and to some futile.  However, we have a passion to preserve the history of the farm and restore the old barns.  It is our strong desire to give life to the bank barn and clean up the dairy barn so that one day, both can be used and enjoyed for various events and activities.IMG_1259

4.  Do you spend most of your free time working at the farm?  Kinda, but we have enjoyed it thus far!


3.  How many acres do you own?  Almost 50.  Near Aden Road, the barns and houses sit on about 5 acres.  The rest of the acres are pasture land, woods, a pond and a creek.


2.  Will you build and live out there?  Someday, but we currently have enough work and projects without adding a house site.  Also, with all the work, mud and dirt, it is nice to come home at the end of the day.


1.  How many buildings are currently on the property?  There are two barns, a bank barn and a dairy barn.  There are two houses that were recently rented and an old sharecroppers “home.”  The meat house stands behind the farm house and still smells like salt.  Several sheds, the chicken house and a few garage like structures are not salvageable, but they are littering the property with wood and stone.


Hopefully, you’ve been wondering at least one of these questions.  Over the past months, whenever we see or talk to friends, these were the questions asked.  Lately, it seems people want to know, “How’s the farm?”  I can’t quite formulate an answer to that question.  However, if I had to say something, I would say, “In progress.”  The idea of owning the farm, cleaning it and using it to God’s glory is definitely a work in progress.

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  1. Have you ever thought to have one of those TV shows that renovate barns help you at least get started? I don’t think it costs you anything. They may even pay you to let them show it on TV! I think the show is “Barn Builders”.

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