Raiders of the Lost Ark

One rainy day, we broke the lock on the attic door.  We knew that the renters hadn't had access to the attic, but beyond that we weren't sure when the last time the door had been opened.  In my opinion the attic held the most promise of treasure. ( video inserted here) Did you... Continue Reading →

“Spring on the Farm”

When you think of spring on the farm does your mind conjure up images of baby sheep frolicking in the fields, birds bustling in the barn rafters and calves suckling milk from mama's?  If so, try to erase those images.  When spring comes to an old deserted farmyard, it brings lots of weeds, flowers and the... Continue Reading →

The Top Ten. . . .

Over and over again I've heard the same questions.  Since many of you don't have the opportunity to ask these questions, I've compiled a list of the top 10 questions that people ask about Evergreen Bend Farm. 10.  Do you own those cows?  No, a local farmer leases the pasture land for beef cattle. We've enjoyed watching them graze and... Continue Reading →

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