The Big Adventure:


It all started around a fire pit, as great thoughts shared among friends often do.  Mark tossed in an idea, a place out in Nokesville where Aden Road takes the bend, and Chris grabbed onto it.  The farm, just before the white church and next to the community park, had just dropped in price.


The next morning, Mark and Chris walked the land, explored the trees and joined together in prayer about becoming joint owners. 

Against many odds,  like other buyers who brought cash to the table, us needing soil samples and property assessments,  and current renters on the property, we put together an offer. Not long after, the Lord provided us with a piece of land where we could play, hunt, build, dig and discover new treasures.  The ultimate dream is to use this as a venue location and to share this land with each of you.

Evergreen Bend Farm is located in an area of Virginia called the rural crescent.  The law states that the land must stay in 10-acre lot sizes.  We are so thankful for this as it keeps subdivisions from building up around us. On our land,  you can explore two barns, a farmhouse, many sheds and a tenant house.  The pasture land  stretches to the far back corners where a creek borders the property lines.  The pond in the corner is loved more by the cows than the fish, but there is the promise of life in its waters.   Scattered among the fields,  the grazing cows keep the grass low.


The sky is blue overhead and the open air is refreshing.

However,  it is not all beauty; the pictures make it look good.


It is rustic.

It is falling apart.

It is full of stuff.

It is a current construction site.While we work,  we dream and plan.  Hiding in every building is a story to be told.  Possessions from long ago hold promise of being turned into today’s treasures.  This is the story of our BIG ADVENTURE but you can follow our EVERYDAY ADVENTURES here.  There are some amazing ideas of what we can do with this land and how we can serve God.  We are so, so excited to work and walk this adventurous journey.


Meghan Heaton 

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