Happy Anniversary #1

WOW!  I can hardly believe it has been one full year since we acquired this piece of land!

Heaton (20 of 71)

The past 365 days have been filled with a lot of hard work and even more joy.  Each day it grows harder and harder to keep our children away from the farm.

Heaton (18 of 71)

In January,  I confidently stated, “We won’t live out there, we just bought this land to work, play and have fun.”  We certainly have been working lots, playing some and having fun; however, over the past year God has given us a passion to create an environment that others can enjoy as well.  And, to be honest, maybe we will live out there one day.

Let’s not take my word for it though, here are the thoughts of the little men who enjoy the action and adventure that we have embarked on this year.

Heaton (49 of 71)
Ben Age 8

“I like that you can never stop finding mysteries and I also like seeing the kittens. When you try to find them it isn’t easy– but if you catch them, you can pick them up and snuggle with them.”  My favorite memory  is when we hooked up the baby pool to the back of the four-wheeler and went “sledding”. All of our friends went riding with us and it was a big party.  (We call this flopping)


Heaton (47 of 71)
Eli Age 11

“I like the open fifty acres that you can free ride on. Riding the dirt bikes and four wheelers with my brothers is the best way to spend a day at the farm. I also enjoy hide and seek, it is super fun at the farm! I remember the ultimate poop fight! Caleb kept gunning his dirt bike and spraying the poop from the cows all over me.  I was covered in poop, but it was a ton of fun!”


Heaton (51 of 71)
Sam Age 13

“I love riding the dirt bikes, fast, in the big pasture.  When I’m not riding, I like to sit and watch the cats play with each other.  The saddest part of the year was when Pepper our black cat, decided to ride on the back of Caleb’s truck to Brentsville High School.  He hasn’t returned, but he is spotted outside classrooms here and there.”



Heaton (55 of 71)
Noah Age 15

“I really like the fact that I can look back and see the results of our hard work.  Looking through the pictures and feeling the satisfaction of accomplishing a task is the best! I will always remember the day I rescued a baby squirrel from a brain injuring fall.  Unfortunately, he only lived a few days.”



Heaton (54 of 71)
Caleb Age 16

“When Mr. Hawthorne lights his cigar, the real work begins.  After finishing up a long work day we warm up with food and our mexican amigos at Hector’s, a popular restaurant in Nokesville. It has been great to work and learn with so many different men about building construction.”



1 year as Co-owners of an old dairy farm

52 Saturdays of hauling garbage bags to the local drop station

365 days of finding nails, fence staples, and briars on clothes

8,760 hours of and talking about the current idea, plan or next project

525,600 minutes of dreaming about the future

31,536,000 seconds of adventures filled with pure joy and excitement

since we signed on the dotted line.

One year down, and forever to go!


Heaton (56 of 71)

Thanks for supporting and following us on this adventure

which has really only just begun!


5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary #1

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  1. Congratulations on your year anniversary!!! I love following your progress (without having to get dirty and covered in poop!) as you have turned the farm from a sad old worn out property to a revitalized good looking place! I hope I get to do some weddings out there! Or other events too. Thanks for letting us use it for the Missions Extravaganza in October!!


  2. I just love this!! It is so exciting to think about what you guys are building, both physically & metaphorically. Restoring an old farm back to life & usefulness; building strong family bonds & raising hard-working, thoughtful men in the process. I love each of their reflections. Such a neat insight into their individual bents.
    Keep on sharing!!


  3. Really neat to hear 5 boys input regarding their EBF experience !!! Wonder what the other males have to say….Speak, Speak Dr. & Toby. Peace, Groopa


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